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Ferras Coming Back Around ñëóøàòü

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Мечтательная песня.. We said let go But I kept on hanging on Inside I know it's over You're really gone It's killing me 'cause there ain't nothing That I can do Baby, I stay in love with you And I keep on telling myself That you'll come back around And 0:16
Порох lyrics sans it's a beautiful day outside. birds are singing flowers are blooming... on days like these, kids like you... should be burning in hell. turn around kid, it'd be a crime, if i had to go back on the promise that i made for you, so don't step over that line, or else, friend, you're gonna have a bad time chara but guys like you are always just fools chara come at me, try to kill me with your fancy tools sans let's go, let the room get chiller... sans lets go dirty brother killer. sans go ahead and try to hit me if you're able, chara but inside you know the end can't be evaded sans i can tell you're getting really sick of trying, chara but i even come back after dying chara why not let me win you can't dodge forever chara even if the pain is more fun together sans i know you just reset each time i beat ya', sans but i'll always be right back here to meet ya' (chara / sans) (i am made / i know you're made) of love, love... san 1:43

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